Chico Crypto Exclusive Interview: PTY Trader, Developer of Komodo and Robert Miller Head of Monaize!!

Posted: October 21, 2017 by Tyler Swope

Tyler of Chico Crypto Consultants brings you an exclusive Chico Crypto interview. In this interview, Tyler talks with PTY Trader, developer for the far reaching Komodo Platform. Also, Tyler interviews, Rober Miller head of the Monaize e-banking platform. Moniaze is the first decentralized (dICO) on the Komodo Platform.

They were inspired to create the Monaize e-banking platform in response to what we consider to be inherent issues within the current banking system: a lack of transparency, unnecessary costs and overall unsatisfactory service. Our shared passion for both new technologies and entrepreneurship, has led us on a mission to reinvent the financial services industry as we know it; shaking things up and making sure that everything we do is driven by our cores values of collaboration, ethics and innovation.

More than just a simple banking solution, the Monaize e-banking platform evolves in order to constantly improve the lives and business trajectories of entrepreneurs.

Komodo presents its decentralized ICO platform (dICO). This technology guarantees coin developers to launch a transparent coin offering while maintaining investors’ privacy through Komodo’s built-in privacy features. For the first time in crypto history it’s possible to issue and distribute native cryptocurrencies without a trusted third party.

So a dICO doesn’t differentiate itself from other ICOs by decentralization only, it also needs Komodo Platform’s Jumblr technology to guarantee complete privacy for all ICO parties. Furthermore, dICOs on Komodo Platform don’t require high fees as each asset chain is an independent blockchain secured by dPoW, enabling all dICO transaction fees to be paid with the dICO coin.

Komodo Platform’s strategic partner Monaize is going to be the first to use this revolutionary technology. Their ICO will be the first of its kind and will also put Komodo Platform in the spotlights.

If you wan’t to learn more about the Monaize Platform check it out here

If you want to learn more about the Komodo Platform check it out here!

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