Bitcoin Cash Network Takeover!!!

Posted: November 11, 2017 by Tyler Swope

Bitcoin Cash Network Takeover!!

Bitcoin Cash Network Takeover

I’ve talked about the conspiracy, the rouse, the Bitcoin Cash Network takeover. Jihan Wu, Barry Silbert, Roger Ver. This is an engirneered dip by the S2X crowd to get BTC holders to dump and move into Bitcoin Cash. The confluence of events in the span of 3 days seems rather suspicious to me.
Lets rewind a little bit…. This argument, takeover, conspiracy, crisis or whatever you want to call it has its roots in a two-year-old debate over how to scale the network. This stems from philosophical differences. “At the highest level, there are two camps that see bitcoin becoming two different things: digital gold or electronic cash. In my honest opinion bitcoin was meant to be a value layer, a wealth storage layer. In satoshis vision, bitcoin was never meant to be a full blown currency or transaction layer. This was meant to be solved by side chains which is on its way

Digital Currency Group

In a previous video, I have talked about a bitcoin takeover. Coindesk, one of the largest crypto media outlets, is owned by Digital Currency Group. Digiatal Currency Group is owned by barry Silbert. DCG was the company behind the bitcoin segwit 2x push. DCG has ties to the Clintons, world bank, basically all the powers bitcoin is trying to topple on its head
Now here is a direct quote from a coindesk article written on august 1st, just before the bitcoin cash hardfork.
“In this light, some see Bitcoin Cash as a possible backup plan if Segwit2x goes awry before the block size parameter increase expected in three months”

The Backup Plan

Now what the fuck is that bs…coindesk basically is admitting bitcoin cash is their backup plan. Stay far away from bitcoin cash crypto friends. They are coordinating a full on attack against bitcoin right now. It is no coincidence that bitcoin segwit 2x wasn’t going to go through. Segwit 2x was basically the patsi. Bitcoin Cash was created by this group. Ver, Wu, Silbert knew bitcoin cash nor bitcoin segwit 2x cou9ld takeover bitcoin on their own. They needed one to be the fall guy, for why segwit is such a failer. In the statement regarding the 2x suspension….
This was said “As fees rise on the blockchain, we believe it will eventually become
obvious that on-chain capacity increases are necessary. When that happens,
we hope the community will come together and find a solution, possibly with
a blocksize increase”


Now boys and girls here is what I am predicting, bitcoin cash is pumping they are better because of their blocksize increase an ability to handle what the network wants right now. Now this is absolute horse shit that they didn’t want to split the network, because that was their plan all along, and as we speak it is happening.
Now here is where things get even more weird and can’t just be a coincidence. Coinbase is planning to support bitcoin cash soon, which will put million more BTC Cash on the market. Now isn’t this just ironic that it is all happening right now

Crypto friends, I’m holding both, because honestly I wish I knew what the fuck was going on. I believe bitcoin is the true bitcoin, bitcoin was never meant to handle the amount of transactions for everyday use throughout the world. Again it’s a value layer, well I hope I shed some light on ya’ll. Stay safe, we are in open water and the big boys with the big guns are getting close. …..Peace!

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