Emphy.io & Decision Token by Horizon State

Posted: November 15, 2017 by Tyler Swope


Emphy.io & Decision Token by Horizon State

Emphy Homepage-Read the Whitepaper!

Horizon State’s Webpage-Read the Whitepaper!


Emphy.io is a decentralized ecosystem where landlords and tenants meet to conclude short-term real estate rental contracts .
Blockchain combined with smart contracts will eliminate the dependence on the centralized system between the participants of the transaction, and will significantly reduce the commission and help fixing the terms of the agreement between the owner of the property and the guest.

The platform will raise the technology and the process of short-term renting to a new level of development. The ecosystem will be of interest to landlords, who are engaged in offering real estate properties (rooms, studios, apartments, houses, etc.) for short-term rent, as well as to the guests.

What is the problem

The Emphy.io ecosystem will make life easier for both guests and landlords. For instance, with Emphy.io, listing registration becomes more straightforward and clear. Landlord can accomplish publishing advertising in a few minutes having just a smartphone. Guests will get more complete information before they decide to book a property. Along with motivating bonus system and feedbacks, this provide better and more reliable way of lodging. Taking a look at this infographic you can see the how things will work in Emphy.io.

The only things I don’t like about Emphy, is their isn’t a beta or product ready to be prievwed and wont be ready until June of 2018. Now this isn’t a major problem, as a ton of projects out there don’t have things ready until next year…but I hate vaporware and hope to see some demos of the emphy tech soon!

The new ecosystem is oriented on the markets of developing countries that attract travellers / tourists and have a great growth potential (Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia)
Now looking at the price, I have realize some good gains since last night. Currentely the price of 1 epy is .24 cents a 35 percent increase from yesterday. What I really like about this coin is the similar total supply only 15 mil coins! So there is a lot of room to grow with this one. Another admirable thing about this project is 80 percent of the token went to the public…power to the people and the team only took a measly 5 percent.

Horizon State’s Decision Token

Introducing Horizon State’s Decision token. It’s touching a subject of voting on blockchain that can be verified, is public and cannot be faked. I think this is one of things that blockchain is great for and I’m positive sooner or later all elections and votes will be done this way. Ok, well the project satisfies one of chico crypto’s pillars to a successful crypto project with real world use, lets learn more from the founder

Here is a direct quote from the co-founder Jaime Skella “We are excited to share this vision with the world. Currently, we are engaged with global NGOs, multinational enterprises, national governments, and city councils. The future of e-voting will incorporate the technology we already have at our fingertips to deliver the opportunity to vote conveniently and securely, perhaps without ever having to leave your home.” – Jamie Skella, Co-Founder.

So it sounds like they have a working product if they are already working with goverments. Let’s dig deeper into the features of horizon state. Horizon State offers a secure digital ballot box that technology provides a hack-free voting experience that is secure and anonymous for voters.

In early 2017, Horizon State tested the technology in for Australia’sMiVotemembership, validating the technology with 4 nationally inclusive polls that committed thousands of votes to the Ethereum public blockchain.

There we go, satisfying another one of chico crypto’s pillars: an actual working products.
Now let’s take a look at the circulating supply, and price. HST token: 29 million circulating supply, 48 million total. ICO price was 9 cents usd. There was a larger supply but it was unsold at ICO and was permanently locked, so the coin is trading at 4x the ICO price, and has recently dipped down from around .42 cents to currently .33 cents. These are the ICO investors dumping, and taking their profits. IMO a great place to enter because there are 2 exchanges coming within next 20 days, and Partnership announcements with major corporations and cities coming before XMAS. The only thing this crypto needs a large community, but that has been developing and will only increase with awareness across the crypto space.

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