NEO and Ohchain’s Ontology Network

Posted: November 18, 2017 by Tyler Swope

NEO’s Ontology Network-Digital Identity Solution

What is the Ontology Network?

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Ontology Network is a blockchain/distributed
ledger network which combines a distributed
identity system, distributed data exchange,
distributed data collaboration, distributed
procedure protocols, distributed communities,
distributed attestation, and various industryspecific
modules. Together this builds the
infrastructure for a peer-to-peer trust network
which is cross-chain, cross-system, crossindustry,
cross-application, and cross-device

Trust is a key component in human organization
and social collaboration. Trust has become. the core
requirement of social and economic partnership
that has been built up through technology, law, and
community throughout history.

What is Trust in the Ontology Network

Building trust through technology is
seen as a promising area in today’s
information society. Technologies like
cryptology, biological devices, and
big data are being used to build trust
across industries.

The introduction of blockchain
technology has brought trust to the
masses through shared access to
decentralized information. Blockchain
has not just built trust in individual
projects – it has fundamentally changed
the future of trust ecosystems.

Trust through Legal Systems:

Trust in legal systems is the oldest
and the most basic trust mechanism,
assuring rights and protections across
industries and across the world.
Economic systems, which are
inseparable from legal systems, are
a top choice for integration into
blockchain. This means a pairing of
economic and legal systems is needed
to address certain issues including:
The issue of legal authentication.
Due to the decentralized and
digitalized nature of blockchains,
comprehensive collaboration with
offline legal entities is needed.
The issue of legal support.
Support for sandbox experiments,
automated compliance, and
moderation are required for the
entire blockchain system.

The issue of identification.
Blockchains need to better collaborate
with the world to build better
identity verification solutions.
Trust through Communities:
Trusting those close to us can be the
most natural form of trust. Sociologists
put the number of people we trust at
less than one hundred; it is intrinsically
difficult to build trust networks on
larger scales.

Since the era of informatization and
the internet, decentralized network
systems such as peer-to-peer networks
and blockchains have created online
communities much larger than
traditional communities. Based on
these there have been many attempts
to build new communities of trust,
such as Google PageRank, Pretty Good
Privacy, Web of Trust, as well as other
decentralized evaluation systems and
decentralized communities.

Ontology Network Ethos

Ontology Network has architected a distributed
trust system. It incorporates multiple trust types
in an integrated protocol system with various
blockchains and databases. Multi-source
identities and multi-source data exchange
protocols have been implemented into the
network, building a distributed trust system that
is cross-chain, cross-industry, cross-system,
cross-application, and cross-device.
Ontology Network aims to develop its trust
ecosystem through partnerships to provide
distributed services including distributed
communities, data verification, data exchange,
and credit across industries.

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