Spectiv VR and The Signal Protocol

Posted: November 23, 2017 by Tyler Swope


Spectiv VR and The Signal Protocol

Spectiv Alpha

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Spectiv VR

Today, I want to re-dive into an upcoming ICO that is really going to make a splash on the crypto scene here soon. What ICO is am I talking about? Well that ICO Speciv VR, a platform that will enable users and organizations to stream their unique virtual reality experiences to the world. The Spectiv VR Alpha is out right now, and I personally love alphas and working products.

Let’s do a quick overview for those of you who missed the 1st video. Well Spectiv is built off the signal token protocol, this enables advertisers to execute ad campaigns by directly rewarding the producers, providors, and influences of attention rather than going through a centralized tradition ad broker.

Advertisers achieve this through a major componets of the signal token protocol…ad campaign smart contracts. Whats’ great about the signal token protocol, is it’s not limited to just the VR media platform of spectiv, but can be developed for any ad-driven media platform to use and build upon. Each media platform is allowed to integrate its own unique mechanisms for monitoring attention data, and contributing to the extended life of the protocol.
What I really like about how Spectiv is approaching taking their percentage of the attention market. Regular video streaming is dominated by youtube so entrance into this attention market would prove difficult. Spectiv will serve as the pioneer in the VR streaming market. No one entity has dominated this yet. Decentralized protocls always face the challenge of early adoption, and this strategy will allow Spectiv to build a dedicated user base, without facing unnecessary early hurdles attributed with competition against industry leaders.

Spectiv VR Aplpha

So lets uncover what the Spectiv VR is all about by taking a look at the Alpha Version 1.0. Version 1 supports content viewing, uploading, and account management. Content creators who have partnered with Spectiv VR are currently in the process of unleashing their content and unique VR experiences to be enjoyed by the growing community. Spectiv VR has also partnered with Blend Media, the largest producer of 360-video content in the world. They are the leading provider for brands an publishers looking to benefit from deeper audience engagement.
Spectiv VR has also engaged over 50 different content creators who have over 3 million combined subs and over 20 million Youtube views.

Loading time for an Alpha are great, the product is beautiful. So unfortunately I don’t own a VR headset…..yet so I can only enjoy the 360 degreee video experience from my computer or mobile device. If any of you own mobile-powered headsets like google cardboard you can enjoy the content in the fully immersive virtual reality.

Minor updates are to be expected in 2017, and they include a detailed analysis dashboards for content publishers and interative notification and activity feeds for viewers. The Major updates to Spectiv VR include the integration of the singnal token. Once the tokens are distributed, after the conclusion of the ICO, publishes and advertisers will be able to engage with the signal token protocol. This happens through 2d videos and still image ads embeeded in the spectiv VR experience. The next major update will be the tipping functionality and the ability to purchase premium content with their signal tokens. Once this has been implemented, the primary focus will be updating the protocol to accommodate for viewer and creator rewards and building out the VR live stream delivery system.

Big Updates

There is some other big news regarding the project, Spectiv VR, has purchased LiveTour Lab’s assets and all of its associated tech and intellectual property. Livetourlab has developed protocols to embed interactive images and 2d video within virtual reality and 360 degree environments. The utility of this is massive, and it has immediate application for advertising in 360 degree spaces, and creating the immersive decision based experiences. Spectiv VR plans to integrate the tech with the VR streaming platform to support large scale vr advertising in 2018-2019
If you guy’s want to check out Spectiv VR’s libvetourlab github a link will scroll across the screen, or you can follow the link in the comments. Whats crazy is its one of the highest rated projects in the REACTvr github with over 800 stars.

The plan for the signal token crowdsale will begin on December 8th, the tokens are being sold for .50 cents per signal token, but users who sign up now for the spectiv email list will get early access and an exclusive 6o percent token bonus. This project is sold, and I will definitely be picking up signal token 😊 It has a real product, with real world applications. The team is outstanding, partnerships are happening, and the community is growing fast. Guy’s a gals put this ICO on your radar, and hold on tight because Spectiv and the signal token is going to be yuugee…the best.!

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