NEO dAPPS-Decentralized Applications

Posted: November 28, 2017 by Tyler Swope

NEO dAPPS-Decentralized Applications

dAPP Time Baby

To start off today, let’s get a little frisky by touching on some NEO News. Huge developments and the neo ecosystem is growing very, fast. I did a video on Ontology yesterday, If you haven’t I would recommend checking it out. The Neo dapsp competition held by the city of zion has finished!
Well The winners of the Neo dAPPs competition were released and boy does it look like there is a lot of stuff going on! Well lets take a look at the winners and what they have to offer.

Number 1: NEO Smart Internet of Things-by HalOX2328 and phetter

The Neo Smart IoT incorporates being able to accept micropayments with low to no fees and being able to programmatically define when and how events should take place in the world in a deterministic and verifiable way. Using inexpensive IoT devicles like NodeMCU will make it easy to accept a payment to do a thing without a middleman taking a profit. Power to the People!

Number 2: Imusify byu DavidWalters123, geek96, Nikolaj-K, and metachris

Imusify is a free, blockchain based incentivized and decentralized platform for music related digital content such as audio, video, apps, images, and blogging where anyone can contribute and get paid. Kind of like steemit for the music industry

Number 3: Chain Line by nota testuser

Chain line is aiming to build a trustless shipping network for the e-commerce era. It uses a network of trusted peers to get products and valuable items to their destination with near-zero risk. Chain-line has a very bold vision to introduce a peer2peer courier platform to address the needs of modern shipping companies and individuals alike
In the dapp you first demand a shipment. You tell it what you need, you deposit the cost of the item, you are then matched to a courier, and then you receive your item.
To become a courier for chainline you need to register travel dates with chainline and it will try and match you up with someone looking to ship an item from the city you are in. As a courier you fufill the demand by buying the item, and then transport the item to its destination, and you earn courier fees!

Number 4: BlockAuth by revett

This dApp allows user to login and authenticate to apps and website by invoking a NEO smart contracts from a NEO address tied to the users accounts. This aims to be the Blockchain Open ID. It will allow businesses to use the NEO blockchain for passwordless authentication. This will replace email and password with a NEO address. Great idea an will definitely bring awareness to the NEO ecosystem and provide a secure solution for business outside the NEO ecosystem they can use today

Number 5 Phantasma by Reflos

This is a platform where users control their own content, instead of relying on third party servers. It supports any kind of transaction between users-email, chat, files, money tranfers. Phantasma brings a complete emails system that runs on the blockchain. It runs on top of a crypto-wallet address, using the NEO blockchain. You won the wallet private key, thus you own the mailbox and it’s contents. Everything is encrypted, and without your private key, nobody can ever steal it from you, not even the phantasma devs…pretty fuckin awesome

Number 6-Neotrade by birmas

This was inspired by etherdelta, and it is a NEO based smart contract that allows user to deposit NEO, GAS or any other NEP-5 asset to the smart contract and trade among the users. Already working andy you can visit it at….things just keep getting better
Nubmer 7-Turing Complete Smart Contract-Actually really big bevcause it is a computationally universal and a programming language that is found in most popular languages. This demonstrated concept, enables re-programming even after a contract has been deployed to the blockchain. Eth smart contracts are turing compete…with this dapps on eth will easily port over to NEO.

Number 8-Krypton by MediaServe

Krypton is a decentralized version of skype, where your wallet is your video identity. You register your identity(neo public address) on any available provider on communicate with other identies. Communicatiion includes voice calling, direct messages, and directely sending money. Just like skype you can make outbound voice calls if you have credit. Big difference here is you can use any provider and the credit will stay in your wallet, under your control. Makes switching providers easier than ever

Number 9-Switcheo-by ravenxce, henrychua, jackyeu

Basically this is a denctralized exchange built on NEO’s blockchain. It supports trading of NEP-5 tokens and NEO system assets like NEO and Gas. Aims to be a truly decentralized exchange while still providing a superb user experience. Again this is already working, and you can check it out at

Number 10-TripShares by xtolya

This dapp is made for people who are confident in their travel plan. Drivers can make a higher deposit to be sure the trip will happen, and passengers can search for higher deposit trips. Basically this is sharing the cost of a trip! An again this is already working

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