Solar Bankers ICO

Posted: December 7, 2017 by Tyler Swope

Solar Bankers ICO

What is Solar Bankers?

Now as most of you know, I am a huge fan of Power Ledger and I will be holding these coins into the far future. But, I look for competitors even to the projects I hold close to my heart. I hold ETP, Bytom and they are both competitors to NEO. Yes I looooovee NEO, but this is money and I loooooveee money!
The project I am talking about is Solar Bankers…now this project is a stretch but I like taking risks and if they pay off I will end up being rich. Lets go through a basic overview… Solar Bankers are developing a decentralized energy trading network which allows consumers to generate clean energy in their homes using Solar Banker’s photo-voltaic technologies and trade electricity profitably with their neighbors. Members of the community can exchange their tokens called sun coins for Solar Bankers energy generating equipment to produce electricity. This electric they produce can either be used in their daily life, stored, or sold to their neighbors through smart micro-grids.

Diving Deeper

So let’s dive a little bit deeper into this project. Solar Bankers is aiming to solve a massive problem. Currently electricity is produced in a centralized fashion using massive power plants. Once generated, the electricity is distributed over long distances to the end users. While this functions, this is extremely inefficient because

1. Centralization reduces competition and tends to lead towards monopolistic practices….only a handful of power companies dominate regions….Pacific Gas and Electric in northern California and Southern California Edison in Southern California for examples

2. Distribution costs can add up to 30 percent of the price of energy

3. Fossil-fuel fired energy plants emit large amounts of pollution, including greenhouse gases and nuclear power plants incur high, long-term waste processing costs.

The Need

So obviously there is a need to replace the centralized model, but until now this hasn’t been available, and we can thank the blockchain and decentralization.
Solar Bankers answer is to develop a global network of self-sufficient, decentralized, and renewable energy communities. The communities will come togerther in the SunChain, the energy network where energy produces and consumers will use SunCoin to buy and sell generated electricy.
So in this system, consumers generate electricity in their homes using Solar Bankers’ photovoltaic products. They can then trade their energy with other members of their energy through localized smart grids.
Members involved in SunChain use Suncoin to either purchase Solar Bankers’ energy-gnerating technology with the intent of generating their own energy, or another utility is to use th tokens to buy clean renewable energy.

How SunChain Will Work

The SunChain system, when deployed will produce significant efficieny gains that will strongly incentivize growth in small-scale solar energy production. This is done through
1. Using smart conract technology to execute energy trades and allocate energy supplies
2. Enabling clean energy produces to sell excess energy to whom they please
3. Reducing energy transportation costs by developing local grid structures
The SunChain network is composed of nodes, which are simply electronic devices loaded with a SunCoin wallet. These nodes can either be active or passive
Active nodes generate electricy using the photovoltaic devices and are rewarded with SunCoin when transferring the energy to other nodes. Passive noeds use SunCoin to pay for electricity they receive from the network.

Now how will this all work you may be asking yourself? Well lets dive into Solar Bankers’ solar energy generating hardware
Number 1 is the holographic solar panel-this is deflecting photovoltaic
They have greater efficiency than standard solar modules
They are 30 percent more efficient at high temps…great for warm areas
There is a 75 percent reduction in silicon use
They are 50 percent cheaper than standard solar panels and the price is getting increasingly cheaper
Durability is rated for greater than 25 years
They use self-cleaning hydrophobic surfaces
Also, they are cleaner to manufacture, with a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases emitted than other panels
Next piece of hardware is the umbrella which is a concentrator for existing solar modules
These are retro-fitted to increase the output of existing solar panels
Made to capture more light, and can increase power output by 300 percent
They also reduce the temperature of existing panels to increase their efficiency, and are outfitted with a self-cleaning hydrophobic surface
Now taking a look at the self-cleaning and insulating film on the panels and umbrella

-It is nanostructured to provide heat reflecting properties, and has energy saving of up to 30 percent, reduce maintenance cost by up to 50 percent, durability is over 25 years, they are scratch resistant and can be installed on windows
They are even creating energy generating building components such as tiles and windows. The tile has a rotating action to maximize solar exposure, and is 30 percent more efficient than fixed solar tiles….looking at you Telsa….they have vertical and horizontal installations, and limitless scaling options for all building sizes.
The final piece of hardware is a light recycling module that recycles artificial lght back into electricity. The plan is to cut electricity bills from these items by 15 percent and can be adapted to any home lamp or fixture.
The Research and Development at Solar Bankers is their focus and represents the future of their business. Two projects they are currently working on include multi-junction PV module
This will combine multiple conversion materials into 1 module, and splits light for more effective energy conversion and will achieve efficiency to the theoretical limit of silicon modules.
They are also working on a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Concentrating Solar Power module which will combine these to technologies. This will split light—UV converts to electricity and IR is used to heat water. This is a more efficient use of sunlight, and heted water can be used for electricity generation at night.
The distribution of electricity will be regulated by Solar Bankers’ smart meters. They will run on the Skyledger network and manage the exchange of electricity between nuclei, enabling bidirectional inter-community energy trading
Syledger was chosen because it includes many characteristics that make it a more stable and suitable platform. The biggest is the new cryptographic primitive knowledge known as a public broadcast channel and a new consensus algorithm called Oblelisk which mitigates the problems arising from proof-of-work algorithms.
The team looks excellent, and includes Alfred Jost, CEO and founder-he is an international entrepreneur and expert in solar energy markets. Looking at Wikipedia JOST has an internationally patented solar module. And Solar Bankers was founded in 2008.

Dr. Carlo Maragliano is an electrical engineer with a PHD in engineering from the Masdar Institute. He is an expert in optics and semiconducting materials.
Dana Duncan is the COO with over 20 years experience in manufacturing and finance of solar projects in Germany, Mexico, and the USA.
Their Blockchain programmer is Brandon Joseph Smietana-he is the inventory of the SunCoin blockchain technology and is a leader in the research and development of blockchain solutions for the energy and telecommunication industries. There are a few more, and I will let you guys read those now
The roadmap is pretty cool, in September through October of 2017 they had their PRE ICO..The ICO is happening right now. In January of 2018 they begin the start of the Dubai project they already have the deal signed In q1 of 2018 they will begin pilot test in turkey, and in q2 of 2018 they will begin the pilot test in china. In January of 2019 they end the test phases and in q2-q3 of 2019 they begin expansion to other countries.
In the pre ICO 6.2 million suncoins were bought at a price of .0000504 of a BTC. Now looking at the ICO summary-a total cap of 97,000,000 suncoins will be offered.

Here is a price breakdown for the public ICO, and here is how the funds will be allocated. Wow 60 percent is going to Research and development. Token allocation isn’t the greatest, but they do need a lot of funds to get the research and development going. Here is a breakdown of how the tokens are going to be allocated. Any unsold tokens will be burned, so 12 million of those in the pre-ico will be burned.
Well viewers, I like projects with hardware and I like projects taking a stab at something that isn’t the easiest to pull off, this is how revolutions happen! Thanks for watching everyone, have a great rest of your day. See you tomorrow!

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