IndaHash ICO–Huge Project For 2018!

Posted: December 13, 2017 by Tyler Swope

IndaHash ICO

What Is IndaHash?

In today’s article are going to dive into another ICO I think will hit it big. That ICO is the IndaHash ICO. For those of you who don’t know who IndaHash is, it is the award-winning app which connects over 300,000 influencers from 70 markets across the globe with global brands.

The markets included are the United States, Australis, England, Denmark, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, and many others. Here is the full list now. They also work with many major business partners such as T-mobile, Krispy Kreme, Pandora, Samsung, Subway, Coca Cola, Sephora, VW, and even Proctor and Gamble. Here a picture of some of the other brands and clients they indaHash is already working with. They also work with some major ad agencies such as Mediacom, Deloitte Digital, isobar, and more.

Now I like a working product, and What’s great viewers is this app has already been around for a while now. The basis of the app is that it lets you make money on your social media whether it be Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. The app connects famous brands with influencers on these social media sites. Brands pay users to post their original content promoting their brand. There were 479 campaigns ran in 2016 and 200,000 influencers made money posting content to a reach of nearly half a billion.

How does indaHash work?

1. Influencers receive a notification and apply to join a campaign via the indaHash app

2. Influencers submit a proposal for the content and a description

3. Photo/Video goes to the indaHash dashboard and is checked by our moderator and the client

4. After approval posts are published and reach million of followers

Becoming an IndaHash ICO Influencer

To become an IndaHash ICO influencer your account must meet some initial requirements.

1. 700+ followers

2. A proper number of posts

3. Good engagement rates

4. Decent quality of posts-no memes, plagiarized or controversial content

IndaHash ICO

Now indaHash is introducing the indaHash Coin. Their mission is to tokenize the entire influencer industry to solve the major issues between brands, influencers, and their audiences. So what are these problems? Well currently influencers are not compensated properly, and most of the money goes to middle man agencies. Social media is starting grow at outrageous speeds, people normally spend 40 minuets per day on Youtube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on snapchat, and 15 minutes on Instagram. That is a lot of time in a day, that influencers have to influence their followers. What is the best way for brands to influence?

Influencer marketing is also seeing tremendous growth, with 84 percent of marketers using this tactic, and 94 percent found it to be effective. While popular, another problem arises, how in the hell to you determine ROI?

indaHash has created the indaHash coin to solve these glaring problems. indaHash is looking to cut out these middle-man agencies by connecting brands, right with influencers so their products can be put in front of more targeted audiences. The indaHash Coin will serve as an ERC20 utility token that will create a decentralized virtual economy, that is driven by the community withing the indaHash app. They are trying to create an entire tokenized influencer industry connecting the 3 pieces-influencers, brands, and audiences.

Utility of the indaHash Coin

1. It will serve as value exchange-people can obtain indaHash Coins to run campaigns, they can exchange indaHash Coins for products and services from brands, and use indaHash coins for audience development.

2. Second it will serve function to enrich user experiences by same day transfers for indaHash influencers, provide superior privacy for influencers, no minimum/maximum transfer limits, sign-up bonusses, and higher pay rates for campaigns in indaHash Coins

3. Third it will serve as a toll for audience development-This means you can exchange indaHash Coins for personalized influencer tokens

4. Finally, it will serve as a cryptocurrency for frictionless transactions-1. Transfer unit, transaction unit, and exchange unit

Cryptoeconomics of IndaHash ICO

1. Brand Pays IndaHash ICO with cash or transfers IndaHash Coins for campaigns

2. IndaHash then rewards influencers with IDH coins for campaigns

3. Influencers use indaHash coins to create their own tokens and reward their audiences

4. Fans exchange tokens for personalized and exclusive interactions with influencers such as gadgets, meetings, and social activites.

5. Influencers can exchange indaHash Coins on exchanges or convert to fiat

6. Influencers then receive early access to products and services from brands with IDH Coins

The thing I like most about this is being able to create your own token, as everyone knows the most important thing to me is my audience. I haven’t been able to reward my community as much as I would like. Creating my own influence token will allow me to create so many cool rewards and premium content for the Chico Army…..sweeeeet

In 2018, indaHash is developing a Pay-with-Fame service that will allow influencers to get discounts on products and services. The functionality will significantly increase a brands chances of positive reviews published by influencers and rewards the influencers like they should be rewarded.

Let’s now look at the roadmap. In November they had the pre-ico, and the ICO is taking place right now. In December through January they are having planned integration with exchanges, In February of 2018, the in-app expanded wallet integrated for influencers. In March of 2018, the indaHash Coin integration and launch within the indaHash app. In April of 2018 their will, be massive promotional and educational campaign launched for influencers in 15 major countries, May of 2018 will see the pay-with-fame functionality implemented. June of 2018 they will extend the promotional campaign to 30 other countries and extend the pay-with-fame functionality. In July they will introduce the influencer tokenization program.

The team is very solid, and has been around with eachother since the inception of indaHash years ago. Barbara Soltysinska is the CEO and after inventing the controlling stake of Lifetube she launched IndaHash. The COO is Darek Zielinski-and is experienced media manager working for companies such as Ringier Axel Springer. The Smart Contract Auditor is Bok Khoo who is an Ethereum dev with years of expeirnece writing and auditing smart contracts. Dmitriy Khovratovich is a blockchain advisor and as we know he is the one who created equihash, and argon2. The rest of the team can be seen here.

In September of 2018 they will extend the promotional and educational campaign to 45 major countries, in October of 2018 will see the introduction of indaHash Score, and the end of 2018 will see pre-paid card distribution with indaHash Coins payments possible for influencers.

Well like I said the ICO is taking place right now, so let’s get into that. It started on November 29th and is running through December 20th. The exchange rates are all follow,

Minimum Transaction amount is .5eth, and tokens are distributed through a smart contract after successful transfer of ETH. Soft Cap including pre-ico is 40,000,000 IDH and the hard cap is 320,000,000 IDH. What I like about this project is 80% of the coins are available during the pre-ico and ICO. A maximum of 20 percent of the total supply will be used to engage influencers into the indaHash promotion and grow app loyalty and gamification features.

Zero tokens will be distributed to the IndaHash ICO team, and it looks like they took a page out of the Chico Crypto book buy implementing a buy-back program. Well viewers here is a link for the IndaHash ICO, I find it very admirable that the indaHash team is taking no coins to begin with, and that is a major reason I will be investing in the ICO.

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