NEO News-The Zeepin Chain

Posted: December 30, 2017 by Tyler Swope

NEO News-The Zeepin Chain

What Is Zeepin Chain?

Creators, distributors and manufacturers are now positioned for unprecedented growth, thanks to revolutionary Blockchain technology that’s disrupting an inefficient creative industry.

ZeepinChain has invented the world’s first creative ecosystem, in a move that will provide more protection; more recognition; more connection; and more support across the entire value chain.

As founder and CEO Zhu Fei explains, Zeepin Chain is using innovation to disrupt one of the fastest growing industries in China, North America and the United Kingdom.

Economic statistics reveal a booming trend accounting for US$465.8 billion in China, US$620 billion in North America and UK£90 billion in the United Kingdom each year.

“The creative industry is undeniably becoming an economic force to be reckoned with,” says Zhu Fei. “Yet it’s restrained by inefficiencies such as poor copyright protection, scattered distribution, and poor communication between upstream and downstream suppliers.”

Creative Utopia: A distributed new economy
Now Zeepin Chain has devised an innovative solution by inventing a distributed creative new economy.

A distributed creative new economy has no borders. It’s in fact a utopian-style economic community where writers can find publishers; musicians can find venues; joint venture companies can be formed; crowdfunds can be raised; and talents can be recruited, using one single platform.

“We’re decentralising the industry to embody the true meaning of sharing,” says Zhu Fei. “In a distributed creative new economy, all members have equal access to the ecosystem using our own digital currency ZPT.”

Zeepin Chain Token ZPT

Founded on an open and transparent ecosystem where all assets and transactions are traceable, ZPT offers a consistent incentivised mechanism; a disintermediated service; and a secure and efficient investment environment.

“After more than 10 years as designers ourselves while helping 1.2 million creative people around the globe connect and share resources online, we have established strategic partnership with NEO, which can help us achieve a sound and refined ecosystem”

From capital cities to the far-flung corners of the world, from small to large enterprises, Zeepin Chain allows any player in the fields of art; design; advertising; fashion; graphic design; and architecture to access a suite of tools to carve a market for themselves.

These tools help members copyright; authorize; transact; insure; connect; crowdfund and launch exciting projects.

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