Underrated Cryptos

Posted: January 23, 2018 by Tyler Swope

Underrated Cryptos

Horizon State Coin
SophiaTx Coin
Echolink Crypto
Modum Crypto
We are in a bear market boys and girls and this bear market, from my prediction once it started a few weeks ago, won’t end until the beginning of February. Bitcoin could test the 8k level, but in my professional opinion, won’t get below 9k. These bear markets are buying opportunities, and can make strong hands a ton of money if you find the winners. That is what I’m here to help with today, finding the winners.

Re-introducing Modum

So in today’s episode we are going to look at coins outside of the Top 100, who have the team, product, and partnerships to rightfully take their share of the market cap. The first coin, I think has the potential to shake their industries to the core is MODUM…..yes modum hasn’t been on my channel for a minute, but as you guy’s know I HODL and still have my MODUM.

On December 30th, the CEO of Modum Mike Taylor dropped some news that I believe we should be taking a look into. Modum has closed contracts with a $5billion dollar revenue logistics provider, which formalizes a step-by-step integration of their solution. They expect to disclose the name of their partner in Q1 of 2018.

Now here is the interesting part, Modum is attending a conference on the 30th of January. This event is the temperature controlled logistics conference in London. I believe the NDA of the 5+ billion dollar company to be lifted, and this is the time for their announcement. This is just a prediction from me, and I’m not sure if it is the date. But in my eyes, this would be the time to drop the news!

Introducing SophiaTx

Moving onto the next coin out of the top 100, but has the potential to make a big splash in 2018. That coin is SophiaTX. I have worked in corporate America before, and have used SAP before. Now for those of you who don’t know what SAP is, basically it’s an enterprise resource management system that 90 percent of fortune 500 companies use.

So what is SophiaTX? Well it is a blockchain platform and marketplace integrating business applications and solutions into a collaborative environment. As an open source platform, it contains integration APIs to SAP and other enterprise software, covering leading ERP, CRM, and SCM systems. Their blockchain is tailored for extending traditional enterprise applications and allows enhancing and reshaping of current business models.

The platform is fueled by the SophiTX token, which is used to cover mining and transaction fees, allowing access and subscription to the development platform, marketplace, and in-app purchases. It is designed for trading assets or micro-assets and services, know how, process maps and blueprints, integration, and professional consulting services to enable accelerated adoption and use.

Now Sophia TX has recently signed a joint letter of intent with Riyadh-based logistics company that handles more than 2 million tons of cargo each year. What’s even more exciting than the partnership is the demonstration of the proof of concept at a recent blockchain seminar in Zurich where the team demonstrated sending a variety of documents between SAP system.

Now here is a nice little partnership that has went under the radar with Sophia TX. Sophia TX is working with General Electrics power division to design and develop a blockchain solution for GE’s financial efficiency and operation. The initial focus of the collaboration includes design and development of innovative blockchain uses in financial operations, including connectivity to existing systems such as ERP. In the future the project will also incorporate capabilities to record data from IOT sensors, smart devices, and applications.

Looking at the price and charts, this is where things get interesting. It seems to me the pump for Sophia has not happened. They have been seeing natural growth, which Chico Crypto really likes. They have been growing at this natural rate without a major exchange like binance, bittrex, bitfinex, etc. Just wait boys and girls, the big exchanges will pick up this coin and when they do. Boom, the price will easily double!

Introducing Echolink

The next coin out of the top 100 who I see having massive potential to break in soon is Echolink. Echolink is a blockchain based system that provides verified education, skill and work experience information. It takes advantage of the blockchains technology immutability and time stamp functionality.

Now the partnerships of Echolink are very impressive. They are working with top educational institutions such as UC Berkeley, and have just announced technical partnerships with two of my favorite projects…..NEO and Ontology Trust Network.

There is some big news for Echolink releasing a few days ago. They just got added to huboi pro, and that is massive in this crowded space of cryptos. Taking a look at the price, Echolink has not seen it’s glory days. If we take a look at after the ICO, Echolink was almost trading for 1.30 USD per coin, early investors dumped their coins and put them back in the hands of the people. This is as good as a time as ever to pick up you bags of Echolink because we will see the 1.30 USD per coin again very soon.

Re-introducing Horizon State’s Decision Token

Moving on to a coin I have talked about before, and still believe it is massively undervalued. That coin is Horizon’s State Decision Token. If you are holding like me, we are way ahead of the curve on this one. This is one of the best possible applications for a tokenized blockchain.

Horizon State has a partnership with the United Nations Intergovernmental organization. This partnership is aiming to design the model for democracy in the future, and horizon state is building the technology to make that model possible. The technology that Horizon State is developing leverages blockchain technology to enable secure, immediate and efficient voting processes at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Some of you may be asking how HST voting happens. Well lets get into it. I give redditor Stephen cornwell for this information.

1. NGO engages Horizon State to run a campaign,

2. Horizon State quotes NGO in fiat

3. Horizon State purchase HST on their behalf at the market rates, using the total fiat quote

4. NGO provides Horizon State with an anonymous electoral role in the form of hashes

5. Horizon State creates their own hash from the NGO’s, which used in conjunction with the voter’s decision forms yet another hash representing the voting itself.

6. Vote is recorded on the blockchain as a HST transaction

So basically the NGO hold the identity and the first hash. Horizon State holds the first hash and the second hash. Blockchain hold the voting hash. No single party can connect a vote to an individual……pure fucking amazing!!

Here is something interesting too, horizon state will be presenting the products at the world economic forum in just a few days. Can you say now is the time to buy? This is one of the projects, I see standing tall when the crypto bubble happens. Solid project with real world applications.

Taking a look at the price, decision token has slumped down from it’s high of around $5.30 to around $2.33. I am very bullish on this coin, and believe this is one that you put in the money now, around this time next year you will be sitting on a hefty amount of value.

Well viewers I thank you for taking the time to check out my top coins out of the top 100, these 4 coins have the potential to make us a lot of money, but as always I am not a financial adviser so take my words with grain of salt and invest wisely. Cheers and see you guys tomorrow!

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