Elastos Cryptocurrency and Qlink Mobile Network

Posted: February 12, 2018 by Tyler Swope

Elastos Cryptocurrency and Qlink Mobile Network

What is Elastos and Qlink

Today’s content is some real juicy stuff. The past week I have brought you some great content explaining NEO smart contracts, NEO Gas, and compared NEO with Ethereum and Cardano. Well today, I want to look at some of the components of the ever-growing NEO ecosystem. We will be looking at two projects: one within the NEO ecosystem and the other a strategic partner and outlying component. Lets start with the Strategic Partner involved in the G3 alliance with NEO, that project is………….Elastos.

Elastos Cryptocurrency

I first heard about Elastos months ago, and met the team for the first time at a San Francisco blockchain conference. Since then, I have met up with the team in China at the first g3 conference. By the way I tried to live stream the event, but failed miserably…..damn VPNS!

For those who haven’t heard about elastos it is an open source operating system that used the internet and blockchain as a base-layer infrastructure to support the development of dApps. The OS is network oriented, where applications and services execute across the elastos internet. Network communication within Elastos cryptocurrency are separated from application computing, resulting in far better security than the current OS/Internet releationship. Now Elastos uses the bitcoin main chain for transactions and the elastos OS for the running, then it has auxillary chains like NEO and Ethereum where the applications can be launched via the Elastos OS. Elastos focuses on a new internet that is secure, credible, and smart. Apps cannot connect directly to the foundational internet layer or endanger it in any way.

Elastos cryptocurrency is barely know over here in the west, and this just means buying opportunity for those who are aware. You seen boxmining, suppoman, or data dash talk about Elastos? No because they don’t even have an idea it exists. Luckily Chico Crypto is here to shed the light on this amazing project.

The good news has been pouring in for the Elastos team, so lets go over some of the bigger announcements. Number 1 is the Elastos cryptocurrency prototype on mobile has been delivered. This has all been a work in progress with Foxconn Group funding nearly 31 million dollars. If you don’t know who Foxconn is they are a multinational electronics manufacturing company: making blackberrys, ipads, iphones, play stations, and so many others. They are a literal giant. Now friends this is huge fucking news, most crypto projects don’t even have a mainnet released. Elastos has a working prototype of their OS, on a goddamn phone. That is something to behold in this crypto environment.

Elastos Cryptocurrency News

Number 2 is – SAIC Motor has officially partnered with Elastos to use Elastos’ blockchain technology in the development of autonomous driving technology/smart cars.SAIC is a global fortune 100 company, producing more than 5 million vehicles each year. Here is official confirmation from Elastos Team Member Fay Li. Now the smart car market is projected to be worth trillions of dollars in China within the next 5 years and it looks like elastos is going to pioneer the way, Another point for all of those fearful of the China FUD and crypto ban….SAIC is Chinese State Owned. Why would the state be partnering with a tradeable blockchain project if they were going to ban them soon. That rumor needs to get laid to rest!

Number 3 is the known partnerships and future upcoming partnerships. The known partnership is Zapaya. They will create the first decentralized application on the platfrom. Zapaya is a cross platform file sharing app that already has 500 million users. I’m sure the with the alpha launch of the Elatos OS the zapya dapp will be included. There is also teasers from the elastos team of a partnership with a major gaming studio, some reddit detective has uncovered that it is most likely cryptic studios. Cryptic studios is an industry leader in free to play mmrops including never winter, startrek online, and the upcoming magic the gathering based game.

Elastos Cryptocurrency ELA Coins

You know what so awesome about ELA coins? The dapps created by the mentioned companies will most likely create their own token, and you will airdropped with a percentage of the future coins created by these companies. 2-5 percent will be held for ELA hodlers and distributed based on your holding. Also as an ELA holder you will be the first to be notified of any new private sale from one of these dapps.

Well Elastos recently had their ICO, and it is going to be a model for how to perform an ICO in the future. They pulled of a seemingly flawless ICO, while other ICOs on Ethereum and NEO have left investors frustrated and confused. In regards to the price, great news for early Elastos investors, as the ICO price was around 18 dollars, and since listing on huobi, the price broke 75 dollars, and has recently settled back into the 50-55 dollar range. In my opinion Elastos is a steal right now, because the west doesn’t know about it, and it’s creating the Operating System for the smart eonomy…can anyone say next Microsoft??


Working products are so critical in crypto, and within the growing NEO Ecosystem we should be looking for that, as well as consistent upgrades of the product. The next crypto is directly linked to the NEO the neo ecosystem, and out of all the ICOS performed on NEO, has been performing upgrade after upgrade to their platform. That project is Qlink. Now most NEP-5 projects have been hit hard during the recent bear market, and that is not their fault, it’s just the nature of the ecosystem right now. These project will recover as time goes on, so take this as a buying opputunity! Looking at the price of qlink, it has dropped from a high of 1.27 around January 8th. to currently about 20 cents.
For those who don’t know what qlink is, it is the first decentralized mobile network that will offer telecom services such as wifi sharing, repacking of mobile data for content distribution, E2P SMS service, and a hardware wi-fi sharing hub.

Qlink Making Moves

Qlink has been quietly making moves and doing what they do best. Upgrading their product, the Qlink dAPP. Qlink was recentely invited to T-mobile Tlabs to discuss blockchain technology. There is multiple news announcements in the pipeline, and NDAs have kept them from releasing any news of partnerships.
One thing we do know is innovation is happening with Qlink, as they have announced Qlink Labs is an incubator initiative to promote the application and development of blockchain tech, especially in the telecom industry. The headquarters will be in Hong Kong, and they will begin using their funds and resources to bring development and innovation to the Qlink Protocols.

Qlink MVP

Now let’s take a look at the Qlink dAPP. Version 1.0.5 was released. Now if you haven’t downloaded the app and have a android phone, I would recommend it. This is an MVP, which means the functionality of it is limited, but the functionalities that are included now include
1. Registering of Wifi Assets
2. Wifi Verification through password
3. Setting Price for Wifi Sharing
4. Setting number of people who can connect
5. Transferring of test QLC from Wallet to Wallet inside the App

The team is very dedicated to releasing updates, and they come every week with added functionalities and better User experience. There should be another MVP update coming soon, the team just announced a partnership with block array and they added a new advisor in Cao Yin. He is the founding partner and CSO at Energy blockchain Labs.


Well readers, thanks for taking the time to go through two very undervalued and unknown crypto projects in the west. Both are going to be pieces of the growing NEO smart economy—one is the Operating System, one is the mobile network—decentralization is beautiful people—cheers, and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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