Signals Network ICO March 2018

Posted: February 22, 2018 by Tyler Swope

Signals Network ICO March 2018

The Signals Network

Everyone knows crypto trading can be a rush. That feeling when you make a trade, and it works out…. there is nothing better. But as most of us know, emotions get in the way, and you make stupid decisions, and you usually use. What if you were able to no longer having to rely on your gut while trading cryptocurrencies. What if you were able to take all emotion out of it, and trade based just on the data at hand? Well humans will never be able to do that because we are emotional beings, but machines on the other hand can. The crypto project I am talking about is looking to take machine learning and apply that to crypto trading. That crypto project is the signals network.

Signals aims to build a platform that will help crypto-trader make excellent profits by using specific strategies, bots, and algorithms. Signals describes itself as a marketplace of data science powered signals for trading trading cryptocurrencies. Algorithmic trading is simple, first you have to pick out a data set which serves as the foundation for further analysis, next you need to choose the types of indicators which act as the lens to view the data, and lastly a strategy needs designed around the specified way of viewing the data to determine how it will trade.

The Data Marketplace

The signals platform will work this very same way, there will be several marketplaces where data, indicators, and strategy inputs can be chosen and assembled into an automated trading strategy using the Signals Strategy Builder. Instead of my babbling on about how it works, here is a short video by the Signals team that does a great job of explaining the platform.

Signals will be broken down into 3 different marketplaces. First is the data marketplace. Data is a fundamental building block and with signals users, and external vendors will be able to monetize their unique data sets within the Data Marketplace. Any type of data set : historical market data, social networks data, media data, and more call all be uploaded and priced.

Indicators Marketplace

The next component is the indicators marketplace. Once the data is selected it needs be broken down and displayed in an understandable manner. Indicators are what accomplish that. They type of indicators that will be offered include basic freemium, technical analysis, sentiment analysis, machine learning based, crowd wisdom based, blockchain monitoring based, GitHub commit based, and even custom indicators.

The Strategies Marketplace

The final component is the strategies marketplace. Here professionals, users, and traders can list their strategies for copy trading. In this subscription-based service, users will pay for trade signals through bots. For new users, this will be the easiest way to start automated trading. Third party bots will be able to be easily integrated into the marketplace with Signal API.

A major component of the strategy marketplace is the Signals strategy builder. Users will be able to drag and drop indicators for the indicator marketplace and then define the conditions of the indicators under which the signals should be triggered. This will offer numerous features enabling users to create optimal strategies and evaluate the performance before going live with it. Some of the features include advanced charting, back testing and training with algorithms, and even complex supercomputer experimentation. Signals has partnered with iEXEC and their platform will connect to their decentralized super computer where users can train their strategies and carry out computationally complex experiments.

No coding or special programming skills are needed to create strategies in the visual tool of the strategy builder, but experienced developers can display and edit the code which is generated in the background. This allows for maximum flexibility for devs and data scientists. Once your strategy and model is backtested on historical data, and your ready to deploy it you can connect it to your favorite crypto exchange and start trading using the Signal Cloud based solution. I know people would never give access to their crypto exchange account by a cloud service. Signal will provide an open source desktop app that will be able to perform the automated trading in the background. With this solution, traders can be sure that the access token is stored and encrypted on their device only and used only for communication with their crypto exchange account.

Signals Network Tokens

Signal Tokens will be the power of the signals network. It is an Ethereum blockchain based ERc20 token. All of the paid features on the Signals platform will be accessible only by Signal tokens. Signals charges a fee for each purchase: this includes purchase of user-created indicators, purchase of data streams, renting of user made strategies, and using premium machine learning features in order to assemble and train strategies. The other revenue stream comes from the cloud solution for deploying strategies, which will include a subscription model with tiers to choose from based on the amount of strategies used.

Now everyone knows that I like working products, and the signals network has a working product out right now. The alpha of the signals platform. As of right now the alpha only has strategies built in, but you can look into strategies built which includes the description, and the rules of the strategy. It also has a visual of the certain strategy, stats of the strategy, and the history of the strategy signals. Whats pretty cool that’s already built into the is receiving buy or sell signals from a certain strategy in telegram, and this is currently working!

Signals plans to have the alphas of the data and indicator marketplaces in quarter 2 of 2018. In quarter 3 they aim for a full public alpha release which includes live trading and to introduce machine learning and the integration of the decentralized supercomputers. In quarter 1 through 2 of 2019 we will see the beta release as well as the addition of a mobile app. In quarter 3-4 they will have updates on the builders, as well as integration with the Zero X protocol.

The Token Sale

Let’s now get into the token and token sale. Total token supply is 150 million. The token sale consists of two phases, the presale and the token sale. 50 percent of the tokens are being sold to the public in the presale and regular token sale. Signals is bootstrapping community support by reserving 20 percent of the tokens for users and early adopters. This will be in the form of transparent competitions in the form of smart contracts. There will be indicator development competitions, strategy competitions, data competitions. 18 percent of the tokens are for a company reserve, 10 percent for advisors and partners, a 2 percent for their bounty program.

So the pre sale is already over, and they successfully reached the hard cap of half a million dollars in just a few days. The main tokens sale starts on Febuary 26th with a soft cap of 2 million and a hard cap of 18 million. 1 token is pegged in Ethereum to 30 cents, with a 15 percent discount on first tokens sold which will gradually decrease as time goes on. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

The Team

Pavel Nemec is the CEO and co-founder, he is an experienced algorithmic crypto trader and machine learning evangelist. His resume boasts full stack development and data analysis. Pavel Volek is the CTO and co-founder, holding multiple roles such as front end architect for Net-mail, a google partner in central and eastern Europe. Ian budik is the algorithmic trading expert with 10 years currency and commodity trading and a PHD in algorithmic trading. Michal Krajnasky is their machine learning specialts who specializes in sematic technolgoies AI and natural language processing. The team looks stacked, and besides their partnership with iExec, they have a partnership with Foxconn’s data center Safedx which will provide the data storage and help the project scale. Also Stox, which will proved crowd wisdom indicators. This will allow people to build trading models using regular old data with crowd-sourced opinions.

Crypto bots, are the future. Unlike people they don’t sleep, and don’t have emotions forcing them to make bad trading decisions. Machine learning, historical data, and crowd sourced opinions will make IMO a perfect combination. Well whats your take chico army, IMO this could easily beat Genesis Vison. Let me know down in the comments, cheers and as always see you tomorrow. Cheers!

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